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Footwear that Monitors Vitals

New Technology Monitors Vitals, Remembers Medication

High Beam's medical tech monitors vitals and medication

Imagine a shoe that is built for comfort. Made to motivate a person to get out and walk. Now Imagine a shoe that can monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and responds to voice commands.

Sounds like the future right? Believe it or not, the future is now. The team at GTD Corp has done it, and HB is going to produce it!

Vitals monitoring led light shoes by High Beam

The new line High Lights are an incredible innovation, and the perfect mix of comfort, useful tech, and affordability.

The team at high beams crammed a lot of tech in these shoes with more still to come. Here is a list of what these shoe can do:

Voice activated Head light system

One single light, is super powerful and discreet. Simply say "lights on", and the lights come on and shine up to 50 feet with 180 degree radius.

Fall Notification

A series of built in gyros in addition to other sensors, trigger a fall alert if the shoes are at irregular positions for a period of time. A pressure sensor in the sole lets the shoes know if the wearer is in the shoes or not. They begin to vibrate and the lights start to blink to alert the wearer. If the shoe receives no response from the wearer, the shoes make a decision. Once the shoe determines a fall has occurred, they take action.

Alert Messaging

Once a fall has been detected, the shoes send messages to the contacts that have been programed into the app. included in the message is a location map.

Follow up phone call. If the shoes receive no response from the wearer or the messaging, they start calling the people in the app. If there is still no change..... Alarm is issued and final text At this point the shoes trigger the phone alarm (via the app) to each person the the phone app list, and final text is sent.

The shoes call 911

The shoes notify emergency services via phone call, (and text where available)

The new High Light series can monitor heart rate and blood pressure at regular intervals and send vitals via text to care givers or family. Each shoe has the technology already inside, all the user needs to do is select the options they wish to use, via the phone app. Our team is working on other technology, like drug monitoring, to prevent accidental overdose or to remind the wearer to take the medicine. You can watch an actual working model in the video. Release date is this year and expected cost from $120-150


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