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MR Magazine High Beam Shoes Review

MR Magazine Cover

I begin each day with the same small steps to slowly regain consciousness. In my younger years, I would open my eyes, stretch, yawn and then Kip-up and out of bed. I remember slamming back a cup of coffee and dancing though the shower with my favorite tunes blasting in the background. After a can of hairspray and another cup of coffee, I was out the door!

These days my mornings start the exactly the same way....Only completely different. I don't actually Kip out of bed anymore. its more like a slow fall from the bed to the floor, followed by a long stumble from one piece of furniture to another until I reach the coffee pot. There is no music, in fact silence is encouraged and appreciated.

I have nothing against "Morning People". If you are one of those people that wakes up full of energy, and bops around the kitchen like a 14 year old, Yay You!

For me, It isn't until I am finishing that 3rd cup of coffee that I start to feel the haze lift. Sitting on the porch and dodging the humming birds that are buzzing my head. I watch the sun start to crack over the horizon, I can feel my head starting to clear, my mind begins to function and I start getting excited about the day.

It is then that I check my emails, return texts and check for any relevant fashion news. It is alway interesting to trends and and new products coming soon. Today was no exception, the day started with the usual morning ritual until I got to the part about relevant fashion news. To my surprise, todays fashion news was about High Beam Shoes!

Men's High Beam Shoe Banner

What a great feeling it is to read a great first hand review of our Night Runner Shoes in MR Magazine. The Article was written by Karen Alberg Grossman, well known and respected Fashion Editor for MR Magazine.

I have never met Karen, but like everyone else in this industry, I know her work well. My first thoughts were how did the great Karen Grossman hear about High Beams. In the article Karen explains just that. Karen was in town for the Menswear Show at the Dallas Market Center, and had dinner with her good friend Mike Zach. Most people in the fashion industry around Dallas know Mike Zach. Mike is the owner of Klik and Mortar, a high end, trendy apparel store at the Shops of Willowbend Mall in Plano Texas.

Mike Zach Owner of Klik and Mortar
Mike Zach Owner of Klik and Mortar

Mike and Klik and Mortar are the Dallas flagship store for High Beam Shoes, and as it turns out, Mike just happened to be wearing a pair of the Men's Night Runners by High Beam to his dinner with Karen. You can read the rest in Karens article.

I have had some good mornings, but I can honestly say that reading the article today was the High Beam of my day!

MR magazine article about high beam shoes


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