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Ridge Runner Led hiking system

Ridge Runner Features
High Beam Ridge Runner Orange.png

Storage Mode

There is no need to watch the clock while you are enjoying the outdoors.  Storage mode keeps the battery fully charged for up to 3 months so if the sun goes down, Ridge Runners are ready to Light the way home. Hike Longer

Nylon Strap/Lace Combo

Designed to provide adjustable stable support around the mid foot and a secure fit from heel to toe.

Magnetic Quick Charge

Full charge in 3 hrs.

4-6 hr run time.

Gusseted Tongue

Gusseted tongue keeps debris out. 

High Beam Magnetic Quick Charger .png

HB3000 Or HB6000 System

Up to 60 feet of forward light, 180 degree radius lets you hit the trail any time avoiding potential hazards. Remote-controlled High/Low beam feature.


Water Resistant Mesh

Designed for superior balance of water resistance and breathability.

Dual Density EVA Midsole

Dual Density distribution through the midsole gives optimum control and the feel of a running shoe.

High Abrasion/Multi Directional Lugs 

High Abrasion Rubber combined with EVA provides an ultra-cushioned ride. Multi- directional Lug design creates great traction control for muddy, slippery surfaces.

HB3000 LOGO.png
HB6000 Logo.png
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