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Women's High Beam LED Light Shoes

Women’s shoes have to have everyday versatility and all-day comfort. From sneakers to sneaker boots or hiking shoes and hiking boots, these styles can be worn seven days a week and 24 hours a day. 

All our shoes have built-in High Beam Technology, so you are ready for anything.

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Women's Cross Trainers

High Beam's Cross Trainers for Women With Built-in Safety Lights elevate your training experience. These cutting-edge shoes feature integrated safety lights, ensuring your visibility during nighttime workouts. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with sport-inspired design and exceptional comfort. Embrace round-the-clock fitness with High Beam Cross Trainers for women.

Women's Torsion Control Footwear

Experience unmatched safety and control with High Beam's Torsion Control Walking Shoes for Women. These innovative shoes feature built-in front headlights and rear LED safety lights, providing enhanced visibility during evening strolls. With a focus on comfort and stability, these shoes deliver an exceptional walking experience. Step confidently with High Beam's walking shoes.

Women's LED Night Walkers

Elevate your nighttime walks with High Beam's LED Night Walker Shoes for Women. These sleek shoes boast built-in front headlights and rear LED safety lights, ensuring visibility in low-light conditions. Made with a knit lightweight and breathable material, these shoes prioritize comfort without compromising style. Walk confidently with High Beam's Night Walker Shoes.

Women's Night Runner Light Shoes

High Beam's LED Light Night Runner Shoes for Women. These advanced shoes feature built-in front headlights and rear LED safety lights, ensuring maximum visibility during early morning and nighttime runs. With the magnetic quick charge technology, Enjoy a safe and illuminated running journey with High Beam's Night Runner Shoes.

Women's LED Night Hikers

Conquer the trails day or night with High Beam's LED Light Night Owl Hiking Shoes and Boots for women. These waterproof companions come equipped with front headlights, ensuring optimal visibility during nighttime adventures. Perfect for trail running, camping, or evening hikes, these shoes provide both functionality and durability for outdoor enthusiasts.

Women's High Beam Apparel

Complete your active wardrobe with Women's High Beam Apparel. Designed to complement your High Beam Shoes, our collection includes HB shirts and leggings. Crafted with quality materials, these garments offer optimal comfort and style, making them the perfect choice for pairing with your favorite High Beam footwear. Elevate your workout attire with Women's High Beam Apparel.

Wearing Is Believing

Don't take our word for it.  See for yourself.  Try High Beam's today.  If you don't love them, you can always send them back.

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