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Women's night runners

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Why Choose Night Runners?  

If you are like most women today, you are busy, and it seems that there is not enough time to do everything you need to do, let alone take some time out for yourself.   You do so many different activities, and it is hard to find a shoe that is stylish, trendy, comfortable, and is capable of moving at your speed. 


The perfect shoe is a hybrid shoe.  One that is comfortable enough to wear all day. Lightweight for long workout runs, but enough padding and support for after-dinner walks, morning jog, walking the dog before bed, or just going to the grocery store.  


Night Runner Shoes are a great choice.  Lightweight, engineered for performance, stylish, and comfortable for all that you do during the day.   

Featuring High Beam's Patented HB3000® Illumination System.  These LED's are the most powerful Footwear Lights in the world, putting out 20 plus feet of light and 180-degree radius for those early morning walks, after dinner or just walking the dog. 

The powerful Led lights in the rear keep you seen and safe from traffic.

Feel Good-Do More

Studies have proven that just having the right equipment for exercise does not guarantee you will achieve your fitness/weight loss goals. Liking your equipment is the key to staying motivated. 

If you feel good, you will do it more. 

Start Loving what you are wearing again. Lose those pounds faster, hit your fitness goals sooner.

Try night runners today and enjoy the benefits of proper motivation tomorrow.

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Night Runner Light System

The HB3000 Night Runner System is a complete running safety LED light system that is seamlessly integrated into the shoe. Comfortable & Stylish for all-day activities, but ready for night action at the touch of a button.

The Night Runner Shoes are your Running Safety Gear.

No extra light to attach, no batteries to buy and you don’t need a runner headlamp or flashlight. 

Don't Run or walk every day?

Storage mode allows you to keep a full charge on the batteries for up to 3 months. When you are ready to go, night runners are ready too. 



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Features & Options

Light Systems


14 Day Money Back Gaurantee

If for any reason you do not love your Night Runners, you can return them for a full refund.

Try Night Runners today risk free, and watch how fast you meet your fitness goals.

Feel Better - Look Better - Go Farther - Do More

Night Runner Lights

  • Running       

Avoid potential hazards in your path.

Run anytime day or night.


  • Biking Safety

Forward-facing lights are easily visible to oncoming traffic. Rear LED's Keep you seen by traffic from behind.

  • Dog Walking

See your path and the dog clearly.

Predators don't like bright light.

Visible to Traffic 


  • Dimly Lit Area Safety

Parking lots and Garages

Stairways and Movie theaters

Dark Hallways

  • Camping-Hiking

Setting up tents after dark.

Night Hiking 

  • Hands-free Lighting when you need it

Roadside Emergencies.