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Men's Night Runner Shoes

Complete Running Safety & Utility Lights Built-in To One Incredible Shoe

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Waterproof System

Safety LED's

Safety LED's

Visible up to 1/4 mile No Attachments Nothing Extra To Buy

Hands Free

Hands Free

Always Ready - 3 Month Battery Saver

No Limits

No Limits

Do You, Anytime, Any Activity

Incredible Light

Incredible Light

Independent Front & Rear Light Control.

20 Feet Plus ++

20 Feet Plus ++

20 Feet of Forward Light and 180° Visibility.

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Utility & Safety






Pet Owners


Any  Weather

Why Choose Night Runners?

Studies have proven that if you have the right tool, you will find a way to use it more often.

That will make you feel good about what you are doing.

If you feel good, you will do it more. 

Whatever your passion is, Night Runners are the tool for that.

  • Water Proof Light System

  • Impact Proof Battery Compartment

  • Independent Front and Rear Lights

  • Holds Battery Charge Up To 3 Months

  • 3hr Quick Charge

  • Magnetic Charge Cord Connects Itself

  • 5 Hour Run Time

  • Remote Controlled

  • Bad Ass Guarantee

     ..That, And Night Runners are lightweight and  comfortable.

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