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Men's Night Runner Shoes

Complete Running safety lights built-in to an incredible shoe

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Why choose night runners?

We have all been programmed to think that if you run, walk or bike on the roads or even take a stroll around the neighborhood after dinner, then you need to buy (special) Running or Walking shoes.  Shoes that are specifically designed for just one specific activity, and they will be specially priced as well.  Because of that, I have slowly become one of those people that think that their sneakers from the 80's are good enough for every sport, all exercise, camping, and fishing, or mowing the lawn. 


The fact is,

if your not a professional runner, you probably do not need a $200 running shoe.

As a consumer, I have a tough time buying special shoes just to walk the dog or go on an after-dinner stroll.  I get it, all the special shoes have their sales points like "more bouncy, lightweight, comfortable"...  I'm not saying those shoes won't do all of or at least some of what they say, but why buy an expensive shoe that you only wear a couple of hours a day? 

Feel Good-Do More

Studies have proven that just having the right equipment for exercise does not guarantee you will achieve your fitness/weight loss goals. Liking your equipment is the key to staying motivated. 

If you feel good, you will do it more. 

Start Loving what you are wearing again. Lose those pounds faster, hit your fitness goals sooner.

Try night runners today and enjoy the benefits of proper motivation tomorrow.

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Night Runner Light System

The HB3000 Night Runner System is a complete running safety LED light system that is seamlessly integrated into the shoe. Comfortable & Stylish for all-day activities, but ready for night action at the touch of a button.

The Night Runner Shoes are your Running Safety Gear.

No extra light to attach, no batteries to buy and you don’t need a runner headlamp or flashlight. 

Don't Run or walk every day?

Storage mode allows you to keep a full charge on the batteries for up to 3 months. When you are ready to go, night runners are ready too. 



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HB3000 Night Runner System-Men's.jpg

Featuring High Beam's Patented HB3000® Illumination System.  These LED's are the most powerful Footwear Lights in the world, putting out 20 plus feet of light and 180-degree radius for those early morning walks, after dinner or just walking the dog. 

The powerful Led lights in the rear keep you seen and safe from traffic.

Features & Options

Light Systems


Runner Lights

  • Over 20 feet of forward light

  • Running Safety LED's visible up to 1/4 mile

  • Magnetic Quick Charge

  • Nothing to attach

  • Nothing extra safety gear to buy


cycling safety lights

Running, Hiking, Cycling or just Walking the dog.  HB has got you covered.  

Storage Mode holds a full charge on your Night Runners for up to 3 months.  High Beams are ready when you are.


Nighttime - Any Time - Any Weather

Night Runners are not just a Light Shoe,  Night Runners are a Hybrid running shoe.  Our goal has always been to create a shoe that is capable and ready for anything.


Night run? Great! LED Running Lights are built-in. 

Walking after dinner?  Awesome! Comfortable, lightweight walking shoe. 

Need a Camping shoe? Perfect!  Night Runners LED Headlights are perfect for setting up camp after dark. 

Tested - wet, dry, cold and heat.


Work and Safety LED Lights

Running Lights, Night Hiking, Cycling LED safety Lights, or just Dog walking light.


Night Runners are Emergency LEDs when you are on the side of the road. 

Storage Mode holds a full charge on your Night Runners for up to 3 months. 

High Beam Night Runner Lights are ready when you are.



Night walks, early morning-exercise, walking the dog before work. We know your dog's safety is important. We created Night Runners so you can keep yourself and your best friend visible and safe.  No LED dog harness to attach or charge. 

If it's a hassle, you won't do it

Convenience is key to consistency and hitting your goals.  Like most of us, if it is a hassle, we will put it off until tomorrow. 

When you get the urge to go, Night Runners are ready and waiting.  Any time you are ready, early morning runs, evening walks, biking, or camping, High Beam's Night Runners will get you there safe and show you the way back home. 

Any time, day or night.

Roads are not friendly

Nowadays, it seems there is more and more traffic on the roads, and not what I consider runner, walker, or biker friendly traffic.  Everyone seems to be in a big hurry and I many times, I don't think drivers even notice I am running down the road.   Traffic Safety is a huge concern, and where I live, Coyotes and Bobcats pop out of the bushes and snatch your dog right off the leash.  You can buy special running, walking, and biking shoes. Put them on your feet and now you're ready to hit the road!   


Sadly no, you're not ready

After you buy the shoes, you need to spend top dollar on safety lights that you'll have to strap on, (you will want to take off the strap on lights if you go to the grocery store, movies, or the gym). Get plenty of batteries, and don't forget the reflective vest.  If a friend asks you if you want to go for a walk during lunch, and you left all your equipment at home, you're outta luck.

Wouldnt it great if there was a shoe that IS all of that safety equipment? 

A shoe that has all of the running safety lights built-in, so you don't need to take the lights off to go to the grocery store, but you are still clearly visible to traffic on the bike ride home.  

A shoe that is lightweight for running, but comfortable enough for all-day wear.  Oh, and they gotta look good in a pair of jeans. 

That would be a great shoe! 

For me, the perfect shoe is a hybrid  

One that is a Special Shoe, but also comfortable enough to wear all day. Lightweight for long workout runs, but enough padding and support for after-dinner walks, morning jog, walking the dog before bed, or just going to the grocery store.  


Night Runner Shoes are a great choice.  Lightweight, engineered for performance, stylish, and comfortable for all that you do during the day.   

Men's Night Runner Safety Lights.png

14 Day Money Back Gaurantee

If for any reason you do not love your Night Runners, you can return them for a full refund.

Try Night Runners today risk free, and watch how fast you meet your fitness goals.

Feel Better - Look Better - Go Farther - Do More

Night Runner Lights

  • Running       

Avoid potential hazards in your path.

Run anytime day or night.


  • Biking Safety

Forward-facing lights are easily visible to oncoming traffic. Rear LED's Keep you seen by traffic from behind.

  • Dog Walking

See your path and the dog clearly.

Predators don't like bright light.

Visible to Traffic 


  • Dimly Lit Area Safety

Parking lots and Garages

Stairways and Movie theaters

Dark Hallways

  • Camping-Hiking

Setting up tents after dark.

Night Hiking 

  • Hands-free Lighting when you need it

Roadside Emergencies.