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How Runners Stay Motivated

Running Motivation

The art of Running is a lifestyle. Depending on the type of runner and the reasons for taking up the jogging sport, there are a lot of variables to consider. The running diet is crucial to success in meeting your goals.

In addition to that, constant hydration is very important and can play a crucial role in how you feel as a runner. Hydration is very important. maintaining a fluid balance is critical because of fluid loss during your running routine.  

There is a large selection of hydration beverages besides water. Sports drinks infused with electrolytes are a solid choice to maintain your hydration during and post-workout. 

Sleep is another point often missed by athletes and avid runners. Rest is needed for muscle regeneration, energy, and focus. It doesn’t matter if your training for a competition or personal health, if you skip the rest part, you are working against yourself.

Keep in mind that the clothes you wear while jogging also play a role in your success. The newest running gear isn’t just for comfort and looking good. Nowadays your running gear is made with moisture-wicking materials, flexible and most are made to keep you cool during your run.

Running shoes are highly subjective and personal. A good shoe is comfortable, cushioned, and well suited for all weather conditions. There are a lot of options and a big name brand running shoe can cost upwards of $200. 

We recommend the HB3000 Night Runner Shoes. The same comfort and fit of a Nike but includes the HB3000 Night Running LED Light system. An integrated headlight system made for running. The built-in rear LED running safety lights keep you safe without the need for additional running lights, flashlights, or batteries.

Jogging and running is a sport that is one on one. Just you against the road. You have a lot of time to think and sometimes it can be boring. 

If it is boring you will lose interest quickly and fail or give up on your fitness goals. When running, keeping yourself occupied, and maintaining motivation is very important for staying on target. 

If you stay on target, you will reach your fitness goals and see results.  Seeing results in your body and feeling good will keep you motivated to stay with your running routine.

Finding the right motivation is imperative for a great jogging experience. Some people use an upcoming competition to keep them going, others use weight loss or blood sugar to keep in the groove.  Some people change up the routine and add a daily walk.

Point is found your running sweet spot, Trail running, brisk walk, or physical activity. Set short term goals that are realistic, and meet them. Then set another goal like going farther, or running longer.

The Corona Virus has put a lot of people behind on their exercise schedules. Most people but on a few pounds because competitions are canceled or the gyms are closed. Don’t let that be a factor. Get outside, enjoy the view, smell the fresh air, and get back into running, jogging, or just go for a walk.

Health Benefits

Studies show that the benefits of walking or running improves cardiovascular disease and can reduce the risk of many diseases.

So here are some different tips that can help you meet your personal fitness goals.

Stay Motivated

Do what it takes to stay motivated. Can’t go to the Gym? Run the streets by your house. Find a park to walk or run in. Lake and mountain trails are fun! 

Mix it up and think of your run as a new adventure.

Set Short Term Personal Goals

Create realistic short term goals to stay excited about your running routine. Here are some examples:

This week I will walk or run ¼ mile further. (Or maybe 2 blocks more).

This week I will run 15 minutes more per day.

This week I will lose 5 pounds.

Setting short term goals that are reachable and realistic will motivate you when you hit the mark and get you excited about exercising tomorrow. As an added bonus you will constantly be moving the finish line, pushing harder, and achieve more. It’s important to remember that short term goals must be achievable or you will get frustrated with the results and give up.

Set Medium Term Personal Goals

After you get good at meeting and exceeding your short term running goals, take another step forward, and set medium-term goals. 

Take your achievements in running from small steps to big wins by raising the bar. Move from weekly goals to monthly goals and watch your physical and mental results explode! 

Your motivation will be over the top and you will believe that there is no fitness goal you can’t meet. Eventually, you will have a running habit, your fitness routine will be set and you can start moving the bar again. 3-month goals, then 6 months. After a year you will be unstoppable!

Keep a Running Log

To keep yourself on track, keep a log of your training goals, and daily exercise. It is also helpful to keep track of your diet and weight. Not only is it visual proof of your progress, but it is also the motivation for meeting your fitness goals. 

Keeping an exercise log can also keep you honest with yourself and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Keeping a fitness diary that you can also write down how you are feeling physically, and your thoughts about the day's workout. The log reinforces your commitment to personal well-being and health goals.

Mobil Apps Help You Stay On Track

Mobile applications are fun and give you immediate results. Using an app can help organize your training and diet into one convenient place. For runners that don’t want to carry around a journal, a mobile app could be just the thing to keep track of your running schedule and monitor your daily progress. Some Running apps offer a way to monitor calories burned, heart rate, steps, and the distance you ran.

Run With  Partner Or a Group

It’s fun to run with friends. Even an evening stroll is better in a group or with your family. Running in a group keeps your mind off the exercise part, and makes time fly by. 

By using your friend as a training partner, you stay in touch, keep up with the latest buzz and promote competition. Even at the lowest level running with a friend challenges you to keep up and do better.  Training partners will give you the extra motivation to run farther, exercise longer, or even help you breakthrough exercise plateaus.

A partner gives you one more reason to look forward to your workout.


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