High Beam Hunting Boots Gear Junkie

Our new High Beam Hunting Boots were featured in Gear Junkie this week!

High Beam Hunting Boots Gear Junkie
May 26, 2017

We Were Featured In Gear Junkie !


                                   The word is getting out. We are changing the shoe world with our technology.  

                                   Check out what Gear Junkie did!

                                   Our new Stealth Hunting Boots were featured in Gear Junkie this week.


High Beam Stealth Hunting Boot

The new High Beam Stealth Hunting Boot


 Our team is dedicated to developing new ways to be better at what you love to do. We are Avid outdoor people (and a little nuts at times).

They work hard and, yes, they do shoes and technology, (that’s the job), but they are passionate about getting out, getting fit, Hunting, Camping, Hiking and Running.  

First Model

The first model of our hunting boot includes ultra-bright diodes that shine in a specific radius and angle.  The UV Lights are a wave length to maximize stealth and to quickly identify animal territory Markings. (Our attorneys are making us include special UV blocking safety glasses).


The Red and Green are all about stealth andbeing able to navigate the woods without scaring away game. Boots are rechargeable and last 60 hrs. of use.

Back Pack Coming Soon

 We are also releasing a back pack with a built in charger to charge the boots and a phone.

 I know, when you think of lights on shoes, you think Kids stuff right? not in our footwear.  Even the lights on our kid’s line are so bright, we had to put warnings on the label. (think tactical lighting for the feet). 

We are a utility, not a novelty. What we are doing is pushing the envelope and the industry to make smarter, useful apparel. 

The first Stealth Hunting Boot will be available before Christmas and Retail starts around $130.00.



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