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Smart Shoe Technology

High Beam Shoes Introduces New Tech

High Beam Smart Shoes Recognize Friends.
New Footwear Technology From High Beam Shoes can recognize friends, interacts with games like Pokémon GO!

New technology from High Beam Shoes can recognize friends and can interact with games like Pokémon GO!

In the future our hats, bowling shirts, name tags all could recognize each other...Could this new tech be the future of apparel?

high tech smart shoes

Early last year High Beams announced that they would be integrating the technology for the Pokémon Go Shoes into footwear that recognizes friends. It has been almost two years in development.  The tech team at GTD Corp has been working with HB developing something more for consumers, not just a novelty or a toy.  What they came up with is nothing short of amazing.  

High Beam Explorer LED Headlight Shoe

First, the Led light system. The type of led lights shoes have are at a specific angle, brightness, and color. The LED Lights are on the top of the shoe. The placement and angles are very important to maximize the distance and the radios of the light beam.

The basic system is called the "HB3000" for short and the headlights on these shoes are the real deal.  Shining out 20 plus feet and visible almost a 10th of a mile away.  

So weren't the Led light up shoes from the '80s enough? The team at High Beams didn't think so. After looking at the needs of the market and especially the Outdoor category, the team wanted to create something that was a utility, that filled a need, with real-world applications that people would actually use ...and boy did they! These shoes eliminate the need for a flashlight and last for up to five hours of continuous use on one charge. Of course, they have a handy remote.  

Those are the basics, and you can read more about practical uses Here.

Syncing footwear Technology 

Now for the Syncing technology.  The new shoes can be paired via the phone app, or by holding the button on the shoe.  Up to 4 pairs can be linked together.  Each friend can be assigned a personal song, so when the shoes see a friend, they light up and play the song you picked!

Here is where it all comes together. This is the first time that apparel recognizes other apparel. Soon after High Beam announced that they would be utilizing this tech in their Kid's Footwear, the engineers had another breakthrough, pairing apparel with IOS based phone games.

Let me say that just the innovation of making Kid's led light up shoes recognize friends is going to rock the children's footwear market and change the footwear game as we know it. Making apparel that can interact, not only with other apparel but games is truly.......A Game Changer. In the future, our hats, bowling shirts, name tags all could recognize each other...Could this new tech be the future of apparel?

Stealth boots of the future

All that is great!...Cute! But really, where can the tech go from there? Are there any other applications that can be useful? Apparently so. GTD Corp is developing a Stealth Combat Boot for our Military. Using the same Kid's tech as a foundation and HB's manufacturing capabilities, they are about to create a masterpiece of Footwear technology.

High Beam LED Hiking Boot Front Headlight view
New LED Hiking Boot With "Quick Charge" Tech.


This is the first time syncing technology has been used in clothing, so it makes you think, what will they come up with next? Footwear News has an informative article on the future of footwear.

All of the HB branded footwear have the signature incredibly bright HB300 headlight system regardless of the tech.

The New Syncing shoes will be available by Christmas 2020 and Retail price is expected to be around $55.00


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