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Women's night runners

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Night Runner Lights

Night Runners are the perfect hybrid of comfort, light, and safety. Padded comfort, lightweight, and stylish for all-day wear,  but have a complete running safety LED light system that is seamlessly integrated into the shoe that is ready for night action at the touch of a button. No extra light to attach, no batteries to buy and you don’t need a runner headlamp or flashlight. 

  • Independently controlled Front and Rear lights

You decided if you need Forward light, Rear Safety lights, or both.

The Patented HB3000® Illumination System LED's are the most powerful Footwear Lights in the world, putting out 20 plus feet of light and a 180-degree radius for those early morning walks, after dinner, or just walking the dog. The powerful Led lights in the rear keep you seen and safe from traffic.

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