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Pull Dog

Walking The Dog

Pull Dog- Walking the dog-High Beam Shoes

What is a Pull Dog?

A "Pull Dog" is a type of dog that stubbornly refuses to go for a walk. If you are like me, walking the dog means "pull the dog". An early morning walk with my dog isn't the picture they showed in the brochure when I bought her.

My dog, or should I say my wife's dog is a Shih Tzu, and that particular breed is what I like to call a Pull Dog. When picking your family pet, most people are looking for a few specific traits.

to walk the dog

In our case, we wanted a small breed dog that was cute and loyal. As for me, I was hoping for a smart dog, preferably a non-barker that didn't chew or shed. Of course, my idea of the perfect dog was not a priority because my wife had already decided on the perfect companion.

Blog-Pull Dog-Walking the dog-High beam shoes

Anyone who knows what kind of a personality a Shih Tzu has, knows that they are stubborn and have thier own ideas about how things are going to go. The Shih Tzu was not my first choice for the family dog and it wasn't the particular type of pet I was thinking we would own.

That said, If you are around my area in the early morning hours or right about the time the sun goes down, you might catch a glimpse of me dragging my Shih Tzu along the neighborhood road side. This stubborn little dog has taught me a lot, and given me valuable insight about a dog owners quality of life.

A dog walker isn't always a happy walker

My wife, (The Queen), has spoiled her Shih Tzu, (The Princess). The princess knows that I am not in charge. She believes she has no owner other than her momma, therefore my pitiful pleas and instructions are insignificant and mean nothing to the princess.

Since this little Shit...zu has been given her own authority by order of the Queen, she is allowed to make decisions beyond her little minds capability, and the little royal dog has chosen to be an independent.

This information is important because I am not a patient person at 4:30 in the morning.

A 10 pound dog with the mind of a 2 year old child refusing to cooperate is the bane of my existence. I can be found have deep discussions with her about the whole dog walking process and how important that it is that she works with me. It is all in vain as she is royalty, there is no need for her to be attached to a leash, and you can forget about that harness!

I am bigger than her and Im not going to pushed around by an animal the size, and color of a skunk, so I put the harness and leash on her anyway. As you would expect, she promptly sits down and now is dead weight on a rope! Hence the name "Pull Dog".

What is a Pull Dog? -Walking the dog-High beam shoes

There are many types of dogs, all have thier breeds basic genetic traits, and some have developed thier own unique quirky personalities. But did you ever think about your dog having walking issues?

Walking your dog is probably something you never gave much thought before buying your pet. Then comes that faithful day when you realize that what you thought would be a natural, smooth evening doggy stroll, becomes a real eye opening experience. As it turns out, all dogs are not sitting around waiting on you to take them out, and some have real dog walking issues that you probably never considered when you decided to become a dog owner.

Dog Walk You

The "Dog walk you" personality is a real sudden wake up in the morning kinda experience. The Bulldog type of breed, (doesn't necessarily mean that exact breed), but you know what I am saying. This dog is a morning person, and cant wait to show you the neighborhood.

Blog-Pull Dog-pulled by dog-High beam shoes

This type of canine is usually one of the larger breeds, you know the one, the big dog that thinks he is a Chihuahua. Super strong and is blissfully unaware that you are attached to the leash like a kite in the wind. It does not matter what time you take him out, he is just happy to be alive and drags your half awake, lifeless body all over the neighborhood chasing birds, squirrels, other dogs, but has no interest in going poop!

Dog Walking Safety

If you are a dog owner, and especially if you work, you are probably walking your beloved pet early in the morning before work or in the evening just before bed. I always recommend some kind of lighting. A good light is important for dog walking safety. A small handheld flashlight is good but some other type of safety gear is better to keep you seen by traffic.

Knuckle lights are a good small safety light.

Knuckle Lights

Dog Walking Shoes

Dog Pull-Night Walk-High Beam Shoes
Night Walker-Dog Pull_High Beam Shoes

Running Walker

The Running Walker is also not a good dog to walk in the early hours of the morning. Your left hand is still holding your first cup of steaming hot coffee, and your right is holding the end of a leash attached to a dog with an agenda.

The running walker dog has things to do, and in a hurry to get...somewhere. Every morning while pulling my Shih Tzu down the street, my neighbor blows past me and waves. Trying to look cool while leaning back at a 45 degree angle, digging his heals in, trying to slow down a dog that is clearly on a mission.

Wag Walking

The wag walking dog is the one who will never stop looking for a place to poop. Walk for miles, search and sniff through 50 different yards, 12 mailboxes and yet, nothing. The Wag walker is easily distracted, so it is recommended that only a skilled, cunning and stealthy individual attempt to walk this type of dog.

Dog Pull Blog-night walking-High beam shoes

Walking this dog type is pure strategy.

It takes the right mindset, patience and navigational prowess. There is a precise method and skill to create the right circumstance for this dog to poop. You have almost psychic powers, reading movements and anticipating any distractions that would keep him from going poop. This wag walking dog will actually be in the squatting position, then suddenly...A squirrel, butterfly or distant noise stops the whole process, and you have to start the whole walking ritual again. A real pro knows all of the distractions on the walking route and expertly guides his dog away from butterflies, noise and puffs of wind that could derail the mission. It is almost like fishing. Sometimes you catch one on the first cast, but then there are the times that you fish for 9 hours and get nothing. Point is that even with a seasoned pro who knows all the tricks, this dog may walk for three hours and still come home and poop on the carpet!

Good hiking Dog

From a guys point of view, and a all dog lover, I think a good hiking dog is the way to go. A hiking dog doesn't need a leash and always stays around you. Thats what a guy wants, a buddy dog that will jump in-the passenger side of the truck and is always ready to go. No need for a leash, harness or equipment. This type of dog doesn't want you to bring a water bowl, he will just drink from the lake while taking a swim! In my opinion a good hiking dog is a roll in the grass, take anywhere, do anything you want to do kind of dog. I mean really, who wants a dog you have to put on a leash, walk around and baby sit until they go poop? Then you have to jump up and down and act all excited a 4:00am, don the plastic glove, pic it up and carry it home with you. Awesome!


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