10 night running benefits

Benefits of Running at Night

Night Runner Shoes Help keep you visible and safe, so you can enjoy all the benefits of nights Runs, Walking or Jogging after dark.

There are concrete benefits to start running at night. Making the change to an evening run regiment could be beneficial to help you stay on course, breakthrough a fitness plateau, meet or even exceed your goals.

Night time running enthusiasts list a host of reasons and some are subjective, personal, others are opinions or medically needed. I've listed the top 10 I have found most important.

Today, most of us don't just work 9 to 5. For me, I wake up at 4:30 am, quickly line out the things I cannot do from work, jump in the shower, then hop in the car for the hour-long commute. Every year it seems it to gets harder to find time handle the basics, and much less time taking care of myself. Getting out of work at 5 p.m. to find it's already dark outside makes winter running or even going for an after-dinner walk very challenging.

Only the most committed and people who can get by on 2 hours of sleep are able to sustain anything that resembles an exercise schedule. Through the winter months, I just drag. It's too dark, too early, too tired..... In addition to all that, winter running usually requires some additional purchases to make it safe and comfortable. Since I know my defects and my willingness to forgo exercise, I try to stick to a semblance of a schedule for a period of time before I dedicate time and money to it.

Night Runner Shoes by High Beam shoes

The other issue is that it's dark. Running at night is not safe. There are a whole host of hazards that can deter even the most dedicated runner. Through education and practice I found not only can I exercise at night, but I also enjoy it and I look forward to my night runs. I am addicted to it.

Benefits of running at night.

Everyone knows that there are a plethora of health benefits to gain from walking or running just a couple times a week, but I have found much more than just feeling physically better, I found that I need it mentally as well. The few hours a week I spend on the road help me clear my head, sort through my thoughts. I feel like it is a form of meditation for me, and I really need that time.

Night Runners

Here are my personal feelings on how night runners actually benefit more running at night than you average daytime runner. There is a feeling of quiet focus. A peaceful feeling of just you against the road. It almost feels like you are the only one in the world. The cool night air, the moonlight, the stars and you.

1. Night Runners Go Farther

Running after dark makes you feel like you are moving faster. Many runners claim that evening run is easier increasing pace time. Evening running will give you the edge you need to break gain plateaus. Hitting your exercise goals creates momentum. Seeing results faster gives you motivation and makes you want to run more consistently.

2. It's cooler Running night

Summertime can be tough for a runner, especially in some of the southern states. When the temps are high, night-time runs can be a safer option. The difference between Day and Night temperatures can be as much as 30 degrees making evenings more favorable for jogging, and you will avoid the risks of sunburn or heatstroke associated with running during daylight hours.

3. More time

Running at night allows you unrestricted time between the end of a typical workday and your bedtime. Time restraint is the number one reason most people short cut their workouts or skip it completely. After dark run's can give you the time you need to have a consistent exercise schedule and a quality workout.

4. You Push harder on night runs

It's just my experience, but I feel like I push harder running in the evenings. There are fewer distractions and my senses are all in a heightened state. I feel more focused and I get deep in my thoughts, and I just keep going. I feel I have more stamina and strength so I push harder than when I run during the day.

5. Running at night Is Easier

A curious thing about changing your running schedule to the night shift, you will find it easier to stick to it, and hit your goals more frequently. By making your evening runs as 'My Meditation' time, you'll stick to a more consistent routine that won't be sabotaged by all those reasons you love to hate exercise.

6. You Will Sleep Better

There is something about an after-dark run that helps you sleep better. I know there are probably studies on the exact mechanism somewhere, but the way I feel is the best proof. Winding down at the end of the day, releasing the muscle tension and the peace of whatever mental problem you resolved while pounding the pavement, will help you rest better.

7. Increased oxygen uptake

Your body might not be ready for exercise until later in the day. There are a few studies out there that seem to have found specific "optimal peak times" when your body is ready to work out. In particular one study found increased muscle function, strength and oxygen uptake during evening hours. Taking advantage of this natural phenomenon can give you more energy and stamina.


It seems that the days get longer and longer. Going for an evening run has personal, Individualized as well as medical benefits. "You" time is important for stabilizing your mood and decompressing the mind. A form of meditation is necessary for mental health. Night runs give you that "alone time" to unwind mentally and relieve muscle tension.

9. 50% Lower heart-attach death

Clinical Study specifically targeting the effects of running on the heart, Concluded that running even 51 minutes, 6 miles, 1-2 times, 506 metabolic equivalent-minutes, or 6 mph was sufficient to reduce risk of mortality, compared with not running. In the analyses of change in running behaviors and mortality, persistent runners had the most significant benefits with 29% and 50% lower risks of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality, respectively, compared with never-runners.


Running, even 5-10 minutes per day or night. Live Longer.


Studies have indicated that Mid to high-intensity running suppresses the hunger hormone ghrelin and encourages the production of Satiety hormones like PYY. Running for 60 minutes vs strength training for 90 minutes, Both reduced ghrelin levels, but only running reduced ghrelin and increased PPY Production.

night Running Safety

When you go, go safe. Like I mentioned before, there are extra safety issues to consider on your night run. In order to obtain the benefits of a nighttime exercise regimen, have the right equipment, be prepared. There is nothing that is a killjoy more than stepping in a pothole or getting whacked in the face by an unseen tree branch, and a twisted ankle won't help much either. So, get the right equipment.

Runners Safety Gear

There is a lot of cool gear for nighttime runs, but not all of it is needed, and some of it isn't convenient, and some....

It's just junk.

Some Running gear is a must-have, and some are just

a personal preference. What you need to consider is where you are running, traffic, and lighting. You want to make sure you are seen by traffic. Immediately visible from the front and back. Some good option is reflective running vests, usually yellow or orange and have reflective strips on the front and back. Safety light. Battery operated blinking red lights that you attach to your shirt.

In my neighborhood, I need something that screams "I'M RUNNING HERE!!". for seeing the road, Night Tech Gear has a battery operated LED Light attachment you can put on your shoes called the Night Runner 270. The cost is about $59.95 and has pretty good reviews.

High Beam Shoes has all of those features in the thier Night Runner Shoe lines. The System is called HB3000. It is an integrated, Rechargeable, Remote controlled light system. Puts out a ton of Light and it is rechargeable so no batteries to buy. The Rear LED's are made for running safety and can be seen up to a 1/10th of a mile away. I like this system for a few reasons.

Night Runner LED Safety Lights

Nothing extra to buy, no batteries, no headlamp to wear, always ready. Multiple uses, like biking safety. I also like the fact that I don't have to spend $100 bucks on a running shoe, and an additional $59.95 on the light that I have to take off to use the shoe during daytime use. One time cost includes everything, and I won't look silly walking around the grocery store with those big lamps attached to my shoes.

To be clear though, I am biased because I work here....Doesn't change the facts though.

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