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led light up shoes of yesterday

my how things have changed

If we're entirely honest, nobody actually grew out of their love for light up shoes.


Walking around, seeing your feet glow with each and every step was pure magic. What started out as something really cool turned into a product that only kids wear. Light up shoes were just a fad, and they went just as fast as they came.


Recently a new fad has taken Teens and the internet by storm. 

The led shoes that have the color changing lights around the bottom.  You know the ones I am talking about, the Shuffle Dance shoes. However, other than that, led Shoes are just a novelty, a toy. 

Definitely not for everyday use right? 


Last year a company named High Beam Shoes created a real utility led shoe. When I say “Real Utility”, I mean these shoes have Blindingly Bright Led headlights. The remote-controlled basic led headlight system puts out a whopping 3 watts of angled light that shines up to 20 feet in front of the wearer, and they have six blinking red, and yellow Led’s in the back to keep you seen and safe around traffic.  Perfect for early morning Runners, Bikers after dinner walks or if you walk your dog before work. 


Yes, they have them for the Kid’s too! Not only will the Led headlights let the kids explore anywhere, but they can also be seen clearly with the rear led lights.


These led shoes from High Beams can generally be broken down into three categories: 



All of the basic footwear that High Beams make have the same patented led light system.  Yep, even the Kid’s shoes are just as bright.


When it comes to light up shoes for adults, they get a couple of choices, the basic system that puts out light over 20 feet, and the turbocharged version.  


The upgraded light system is Led light shoes on steroids!  Dual headlights put out 60 feet of mind-blowing, eye-burning light.  The remote lets you change the beam intensity from low to high.  The High Beam works just like the ones in your car, as you change from low to high, the angle of the light beam is a little higher so you can see further away.


If you get the chance to try a pair of these amazing Led shoes, just remember these are not those “light up when you walk light shoes”. These are a utility, and they are made for business…and a little fun.

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