HB Runners Equipment & Features





HB3000 Light System features two 5mm Led’s with precise specifications of Color, Spread, Beam angle and Focal point. Incredible 3 watts, 180° Radius and 20 feet of light.


HB4500 Light System takes it to the next level featuring the HB3000’s plus two 3mm Led’s giving you brighter, more intense light and ultra bright 180° Radius. All with same precise specifications of Color, Spread, Beam angle, and Focal point. 

The High/Low Beam function works just like the headlights in your car.  Giving you extra light on demand, with the push of a button.

Magnetic Charge Port

Magnetic USB Charger.  No hassle charging. Just bring the charge chord close and the powerful magnet grabs on and starts charging!

LED Flat Diodes

Flat Red & Yellow LED Diodes are small and almost invisible when not in use, but don’t let that fool you.  These little guys pack a punch! Runners and Bikers easily seen up to 1/10 of a mile away.

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