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Night Hiking Boot-HB6000 Light System


built for comfort first & technology designed tough

High Beams are made to live in.  All-day comfort, balanced with a little of everything so you don't need to change your shoes, just because you changed your activity. 

Built-in technology that is always ready for action, whether you need it or not.

HB4500 Light System.jpg
  • ​Independent Front/Rear Lights

  • Remote Controlled

  • Magnetic Quick Charge

  • Battery Save Mode

  • 20' + Forward Light

  • 180° Radius

  • High/Low Beam Function

  • Up to 6  hrs. run time *

HB6000 Light System.jpg
  • Front Lights Only

  • Remote Controlled

  • Magnetic Quick Charge

  • Battery Save Tech *

  • 60' + Forward Light

  • 180° Radius

  • + 20° Ele-Angle With High Beam

  • High/Low Beam Function

  • Up To 10 hrs. Run Time *

Lightweight Icon.png


Long Lasting Icon.png

Long Lasting Battery

Breathable Icon.png

Breathable Materials

Bright Icon.png

Ultra Bright Tech

Durable Icon.png

Made Tough

Waterproof icon.png

Waterproof System

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