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high beam


The HB6000 Light System

HB6000 LED Light System takes Hiking, Camping,
Hunting or any outdoor activity to the next level

The 6000 Series Headlight System is designed for night hiking, trail running after dark, or any low-light situation. High Beam's Light system is a completely integrated illumination system.  Nothing to attach.  Powered by a high-output, rechargeable battery that is completely sealed and is water and impact-proof.  The Magnetic Quick Charger is easy to connect and gives your Hiking Boots a full charge in less than three hours.  Activate Storage Mode and your battery stays charged for up to three months, so they are always ready when you need them.


The HB6000 Headlights feature four precision-engineered, 5mm LEDs. The color, angle, spill, and focal point are designed to pump out an incredibly intense and ultra-bright light with a 180° Radius in your immediate path and over 60 feet of forward light. 


The High/Low Beam control works just like your car.  Low Beam uses 2 LEDs giving you a broad, short range of light for normal low light situations. The High Beam Function activates the 2nd set of LEDs.  The Hight Beam LEDs have a different focal spread and a specific direction angle to give you a 30% higher vertical angle of vision and up to 30 feet farther of forward light.  


LED Hiking Boot-Beast-Side1.png


Precision engineering

HB6000 LED Hiking Headlight Design 2.png
HB6000 LED Headlight System.png

HB6000 Headlight System gives you Four 5mm LED’s, pumping out an incredible 6 Watts of blinding power. Engineered with precise specifications and placed at exact angles to give you maximum distance and greater visibility.

HB6000 Magnetic Charge Port 1.png

storage mode

Storage Mode Feature

Push-button storage mode lets you keep a full charge on your High Beams for up to 3 months. Your HB6000 LED System will be ready to go when you are, Day or Night.

High Beam's Led hiking boots feature the hb6000 Magnetic quick Charger

Magnetic Charge Port

Magnetic USB Quick Charger  

No hassle charging. Just bring the charge chord close and the powerful magnet grabs on and starts charging! Full charge in less than 3 hours.

LED Hiking Boot Magnet Quick Charger 3.png
High Beam LED Hiking Boot-Grey-HB6000 Headlight View.jpg
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