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Women's Night Runner LED Light Shoe (Black/Pink)

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Women's Night Runner LED Light Shoes 


Women's  Night Runner Shoes are made comfortable, and engineered for performance.  The Night Runner Light System is a complete runners safety LED light system. Front headlights and rear safety lights are built directly into our shoes.  The forward-facing headlights  put out up to 30 feet of light,  so you can remain visible and avoid potential hazards in your path.  The rear LED lights Flash Red and Yellow and are easily seen by motorists. The Night Runner light system is perfect for evening walks, running at night or just walking the dog.  Night Runner Shoe Lights are part of the shoe, so there is no extra light to attach, no batteries to buy and you don’t need a runner headlamp.    


Visible Day Or Night


Even in the daytime you need to be visible to traffic and alert destracted drivers that you are there. 

If you are on the road, you need LED lights that can clearly be seen at anytime of the day.  Night Runners are incredibly bright, oncoming traffic can clearly see you walking, running or biking and avoid a potential collision, even in the daytime. 


Not Just For A Night Run


The Night Runner Light system isn't just for night time running. These ultra-powerful shoe headlights are perfect in any area with low light. 


  • Use the headlights on movie stairs, and in the garage to avoid potential fall. 
  • Dimly lit hallways, parks, remote parking lots and garages.
  • Stay seen and safe in areas that you feel uncomfortable, the more you are seen, the safer you will be.


No Flashlight, No Problem


Night time car trouble can be a potentially dangerous situation if you are not visible to traffic.  Changing a flat tire at night without a flashlight is impossible.  Your Night Runners are completely hands free lighting, so there is no need for a flashlight.



Independently Controlled Front Headlights and Rear Safety Lights. 

The Front Headlights and Rear Safety LED Lights are Independantly controlled.  You decide what type of Light you need.


Use just the Night Runner Headlights


  • There is 24 hrs in a day, enjoy all of it, not just a few hours.  Sun go down while your exploring or hiking?  No Problem!  With Night Runners, Hikers dont have to watch the sun and calculate how much longer they can stay out.  Stay out longer The Night Runner Lights will show you the way home.   
  • Campers can use just the front headlights for walking safely in the woods, checking out caves, fishing after dark, setting up the tents at dusk, or for nighttime fun. 



No Hassel Magnetic Quick Charge

With the usb magnetic quick charger, you can charge your Night Runners anywhere.  Car, Computer, battery, airplane, anywhere there is a usb plug. With the Magnetic charger, here is no need for glasses to find the small charging port.  Night Runners have a magnetic charge port that grabs on when you bring the charge chord close.  Full Charge in less than 3hrs, and 4-6 hours of continuas use on a single charge.


Storage Mode Keeps Your Night Runners Charged


Dont need the Runner Safey Lights this month?  No worries!  Night Runners are super comfortable, made to do what you do, all day.  Nothing to detach or unstrap to go to the grocery store.  When you do need light, with Storage Mode, you will never need to worry about having light when you neeed it.  Night Runners  will hold a full charge for up to 3 months.  Are always ready to go when you are.  Day or night.


Ultra Lightweight, only 8.3 oz

A Lightweight sleek style. The Women's LED Night Runners from High Beam Shoes feature a tight Knit upper that allows your foot to move naturally while staying cool. Midsole drop provides a stable fit and feel. The patterned outsole helps provides superior traction for explosive movement. Don't forget these shoes feature High Beam's Patented HB3000® Illumination System. 


HB3000® Illumination System

Women's Night Runners feature High Beam's Patented HB3000® Illumination System.  These LED's are the most powerful Footwear Lights in the world, putting out 20 plus feet of light and 180 degree radius for those early morning walks, after dinner or just walking the dog.  The powerful Led lights in the rear keep you seen and safe from traffic.



  • Multi-directional Breathable Knit Upper stretch for secure, supportive fit
  • Padded foam insole

  • Midsole provides the ultimate combination of bounce back, Shock absorption and cushioning properties

  • Enhanced stability and arch support

  • Padded collar & tongue

  • Multi surface high endurance rubber outsole

  • HB3000® Headlight System Rear Running Safety Light System

  • Independent Front and Rear Light Control

  • Storage Mode ® Keeps Battery charged for up to 3 Months • Includes remote control/Charger
  • Magnetic Quick Charge Port


• HB3000® illumination system Precisely angled to provide maximum distance while maintaining 180% of light in your immediate path.


• Long-lasting 4 to 6-hour battery life


• Li-ion rechargeable battery with Magnetic charging port  


• Up to 20 plus feet of hands-free illumination


• 180 degrees of visibility


  • Drop -10mm
  • Stack -10-21
  • Light weight, Low profile midsole support designed for exceptional control. Breathable knit upper and extra padded tongue. Comfortable for everyday training. Light weight and responsive for race day.



    10.2 Ounces



    9 mm

Color: Black