School Shooter and Suicide Warning System

To prevent more school shootings like the horrific Parkland Florida school shooting and tragic suicides among teens, Goodrich International is developing an early warning System for school administrators. The new system will highlight, and alert staff to potential threats and self-harm students to the school and give precious time to intervene or take preventative action.

School Shooter and Suicide Warning System

Goodrich International, a Dallas based technology/Footwear company, announced today that it is developing Terroristic Behavioral Early Warning (TEWS) System for Schools.



The software is a stand-alone system that is used by school administrators or school security. In essence, the software uses a specific algorithm, keywords and phrases in social media to identify potential threats in the school. (TEWS) monitors several social media sites in a specific local region (within a 5-10-mile radius, or specific zip code), and keys in on specific words or phrases.



Goodrich International TEWS System



A single system flag by itself usually does not warrant action. When the software encounters a post, comment or profile it will then compare known behavioral perpetrator indicators, as well as age, previous posts, to determine the likelihood of danger. When multiple indicators are found (or Clusters) by the system, TEWS will notify the schools in that area, so the administrators can check if that person is a student or former student in their school.



Goodrich International TEWS System



The school can then evaluate and take preventative action. The objective of the software is to identify a potential problematic behavior and take corrective action before the young person transitions to suicidal or homicidal actions.


Goodrich International TEWS System

The software uses key indicators is to spotlight potential threats, as well as keywords and phrases.

Here are a few:


• Aberrant Behavior or statements

• Violence/Cruelty

• Fascination with Weapons and Accoutrements Especially those designed and most often used to kill people (such as machine guns, semiautomatic pistols, snub nose revolvers, stilettos, bayonets, daggers, brass knuckles, special ammunition, and explosives)

• Paranoid statements

• Racial hatred

• Massive Disgruntlement

• Suicidal statements

• Homicidal Ideation

• Gun obsession

• Mass shooting obsession

• Animal abuse

The TEWS system is in the developmental stage now and should be in live testing by July.

Goodrich International is the parent company of the High Beam Shoes brand. Goodrich Int. designs develops and sells a family of proprietary connected “Smart Footwear” for Medical, Retail,1st responders, and Military applications.

“We should not wait for the Government to fix the problem”, Says Joe Goodrich Jr. Founding partner of Goodrich Int. “Keeping our kids safe is not a Democrat or Republican issue. At its core, it is a community issue and we need to get to the root of what is causing these kids to lash out in such horrific ways. I believe that TEWS can provide the insight to identify the ones that need help”.

TEWS testing will begin this fall and full operational level before the start of the next school year. For more information, email  

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