A Kid's Shoe That Could Save A Fire Fighters Life??

Could the Technology in your Kid's Shoe's save the life of one of our Military or Fire Fighters? The makers of High Beam Shoes thinks so. Using the same Basic technology they have developed for their "Syncing Shoes", HB is on an Engineering journey to do just that.

 A Kid's Shoe That Could Save A Fire Fighters Life??

Could technology developed for a child's shoe help keep firefighting teams safe in California?

Footwear that knows where your team is located  


By Sandra Cardenas on Nov 14, 2018


Last year HB (High Beam Shoes) announced the, soon to be released, "Syncing Technology".   In short, these shoes can pair and recognize friends when they come near. 


High Beam Syncing Shoes

The footwear uses a patented combo of various transmitters and receivers to identify friends.

The syncing tech allows users to add friends or remove them via the phone app. (not required)

Here’s the important part- When a friend comes within proximity, the shoes light up and play music!  

Pretty cool for Kids, and well, pretty cool period. 

Based off of the original design for HB's Kids shoe, an amped up version was starting to come together.

Utilizing the same basic tech, engineers realized that not only could they make the shoes recognize friends

and find Pokémon, but it could save lives in combat and ultimately first responders.


It wasn't long after HB put out the first prototypes of the children's shoe, that they started collaborating with certain areas of the Government on a Combat boot for the Special Forces. 

The boot would be jam-packed with tech from chemical and gas detection to situational awareness and....You guessed it, Friend/Foe awareness. 


HB had started working on a Combat boot that was aware of their team's positions,

in order to curb accidental friendly fire and to help with coordination of teams when satellites are

inaccessible. When the engineers dug into it, they were able to exploit the

tech even more by providing other safety duties such as "Hot Weapon/Dead Weapon". 

Hot Weapon/Dead Weapon is another amalgamation of the same Kid's tech. 

In its simplest terms, if you are wearing an American boot, Weapons and

Vehicles fire, and drive fine but, if your not......nothing works. 

The idea is to prevent our own weapons and vehicles left behind from being

used against our own Military.

High Beam shoes Military Boot


So how does all of this work to help firefighters like the ones fighting the blaze in California?


There is a lot of coordination required to fight these fires.  Teams need to know where other teams are as well as individuals within the teams.  Working in conjunction with aerial

firefighting aircraft, these wildfire-trained crews suppress flames, construct fire lines, and extinguish flames, evacuate, protect people and property and still have to exit safely, together.

The basic technology has already been developed and patented by HB and is currently in pre-production for mass distribution. The parent company for HB, Goodrich International has

had an uphill battle getting this technology off the ground.   According to Joe Goodrich, founder, and partner, they have had funding issues, hurricanes, tech limits and those ever-present

doubters and naysayers. "Our struggles getting to this point are far less important than getting from this point to production."  "Getting this technology into the mainstream is the most

important task we have as a company".  Unfortunately, the tech won't be available for this year at least, but the hope is that it will be ready soon.

"We are almost ready for the next fire season.  We should be testing prototypes in the next 4-6 months".  Who would have thought that an Idea for a childs shoe could benifit our military,

and help coordinate and keep our fire fighters safe?

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