..........and loving every second of it


The HB Story



We are family owned and have a passion for making things that make our lives easier and fun!  From the beginning, we made a promise to ourselves that if we cannot have fun, and create something great....We won't do it.

Keeping that promise has been the corner stone of our company. Each one of us has traveled the globe, learned about making a quality shoe, and more about technology and electronics than we ever dreamed.  


I hurt my butt trying out prototype skateboard shoes.  (I'm sitting on a pillow).

My son almost drowned testing our shoes in a swimming pool for hrs.  (Sorry Son).

Joe Sr. was lost in Indonesia because he missed a connecting flight, and I was...Sleeping.

(It was only 2 days before I found you Dad, Get over it).

I turned my wife into a test mannequin. (Thank you honey).  


Together with friends and some great people, we kept Band aid in business, laughed, learned and grew, and did exactly what we wanted to do. 


Goodrich International and the "Goodrich's", (Joe Sr. and Joe Jr.), have been introducing innovative products to the market since the 80's.  Products like novelties, microwave popcorn and gourmet snacks.  

In early 2013 the Goodrich family received a devastating blow when Sandy Goodrich, Mother of Joe Jr. and Wife for 47 years to Joe Sr., was diagnosed with ALS.  

Joe Sr.  dropped everything and dedicated the next 3 years to finding a cure while caring for Sandy at home.

After many months of exhaustive research and trying every new treatment they could find, the reality set in.  

What they needed was something new, a new idea to fund their quest for a cure. As always, new means money.  

The "Joe's" went to work and developed High Beam Shoes and the HB Brand. A wearable technology company for a 24/7 generation.  

HB cover 4 categories:  Children, Seniors Ortho, Outdoors (Hunting and Hiking), and Running.  All have the signature, incredibly bright, head light system.  

Each line is also packed with cutting edge technology from shoes that recognize friends and family to Shoes that know if the wearer falls and notifies family and emergency services.

Even an innovative UV light Hunting boot that make animal territory markings glow.  


Sadly, Sandy passed away before the concept was developed, but HB remains committed to help find a cure for ALS and like diseases.  In memory of Sandy, a portion of sales proceeds for the HB Brand is permanently donated to help find a cure and help families in need while fighting the terrible illness.

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