..........and loving every second of it

The Basics


Running at dusk or dawn can be a bit hazardous if you don't have the proper gear. But don't let that keep you inside. Head out for a run in the dark with HB Shoes and increase your visibility and safety, no matter how dark.

The Patented integrated illumination system has really taken running lights to a new level. With the quality of these shoes, you'll forget you have the lighting system at the ready. But with 360-degree visibility, motorists will spot you from blocks away. The rear of the shoes have additional, ultra-bright, red lights to add to rear visibility.

With up to 5 hours of burn time, this will keep you visible on even the longest of nighttime runs. Just plug it into the USB charger to give it some juice between uses. If steady lights aren't enough, turn on the strobe settings, and try to keep from dancing as you run. 


The HB Story



HB was born In Dallas Texas in 2013.  

All of us have a passion for making things that make our lives easier and fun!  Our company philosophy is based on 2 questions; "What If" and "Will it make someones life better".  Every day, we explore different ideas, experiment, and create. Early on, we made a promise to ourselves that if we cannot have fun, and create something great....We won't do it.

Keeping that promise has been the corner stone of our company. Each one of us has traveled the globe, learned about making a quality shoe, and more about technology and electronics than we ever dreamed.  


Together with friends and some great people, we have kept Band aid in business, laughed, learned, grown, and done exactly what we wanted to do. 


Since HB was founded in 2013 the brand has been dedicated to creating industry-leading performance products designed with the individual sport athlete in mind. While originally focused on industrial strength lighting, the company has grown into a technology footwear brand for athletes and enthusiast participating in running, fitness, outdoor sports, cycling hiking, hunting and even bio medical, first responder and military.


High Beam Womens RunningHigh Beam Shoes



HB’s dedication to the 24/7 generation has guided its product design from the very beginning. Starting with the companies basics in 2013, HB has delivered a continuous stream of innovative performance products and fabrications including the Syncing Footwear for children, the Hunting Boots that highlight animal territory markings, the Highlight series that monitor vitals and are voice activated, and the most advanced footwear products available.

Today, the demands of performance athletes are more intense than ever and HB is more focused than ever on providing them with the footwear and accessories that allow them to achieve their individual performance and fitness goals 24/7.



*From the beginning, the hope was to use the proceeds from HB to help find a cure for Sandy.
Sandy was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. She is the wife of Joe Sr. and Mom to Joe Jr.
Sadly Sandy Passed away before the first prototypes were finished.
It is in her memory that HB donates a portion of all proceeds to families suffering with this terrible illness.